Pub Standards Lancaster

Pub Standards is a monthly meetup of developers, designers, founders and people-who-like-to-build-stuff. The practice began in London in 2005 and has since spread to other cities across the world. Starting March 14th, Pub Standards Lancaster begins meeting on the second Thursday of every month from 6pm onwards.

Nearly two years ago, Eamon Leonard convinced me to start a new Pub Standards chapter in my hometown of Lancaster, PA. Ben Darlow graciously customized a Pub Standards beermat logo, I bought the domain, and I started talking to my local network of developers.

Unfortunately, as I was actively trying to increase my presence on the web, I was simultaneously neglecting my budding network of developers/designers in the Lancaster community, and the dream of a local Pub Standards died before it really began.

That was until a few weeks ago, when I was inspired again to get this ball rolling by the urging of Eamon and an awesome turn out of tech talent at a local party/meetup downtown in the Infantree studio.

With a population of only 60,000 urban/500,000 metro, Lancaster is no doubt the smallest city with a Pub Standards chapter, but its thriving arts community coupled with its wide range of design/dev shops and startups makes it the best place in central PA for just such a meetup.

For Lancaster web folk that are interested:

We have not yet selected the bar in which Pub Standards will meet. Custom dictates that Pub Standards is to be held at the same bar every month, so we definitely want to choose a pub that has great drinks, isn’t so loud that we can’t chat, and that has enough space for a group every second Thursday at 6pm.

I imagine the upcoming Federal Taphouse would be a great option, but that likely will not be opening in time for the first meetup. Other bars under consideration are the Dispensing Company and the Spring House Taproom.

If you have any other pub suggestions or have a preference for one of these in particular, let me know @courtewing.